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Testing: what to expect
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Testing: what to expect
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You may have been referred by your doctor or another therapist for ‘psych testing’, formally referred to as a psychological evaluation. Usually, the evaluation takes place because there is some uncertainty about your diagnosis (i.e., what is wrong), or questions about how treatment/counseling could best be delivered. Your doctor may want the ideas and facts generated by psychological testing to help them guide decision making about the type of medication to prescribe, or the type of treatment that is best in helping you feel better. There are usually many tests that can be given to address certain problems. For example, many doctors send patients to us to get a better idea about the existence or absence of ADHD in adults and children. Sometimes, there is crossover from different problems in living that may look like a certain diagnosis (like depression and/or anxiety), but may be something entirely different. Personality information is also part of the testing process. We utilize time-proven and reliable methods of character, cognitive, and behavioral assessment to help you plot out your assets and liabilities, which will help us work together in deciding treatment delivery and good outcomes. Usually, the psychologist will go over the results of the testing a couple of weeks after it is done, and will have a typewritten report ready for you and/or your doctor within 30 days. Often, the testing has to be pre-authorized by your health care provider just like an MRI or other medical tests, so it is important to check with the psychologist before testing takes place. Neuropsychological testing gets into details about not only thinking ability, but memory and other changes in thinking or overall brain and behavioral functioning. Usually, neuropsychological testing takes longer because there are more tests necessary that take more time. Usually, expect to be in the office about 3 hours or more for the testing session, and then expect the psychologist to take between 3 to 6 hours to construct the report for you or your doctor.

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