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Counseling: What to Expect
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Usually, therapy is all about helping you feel better and is always about how we can best serve your needs! Therapy can take place individually, as a marital couple, or as a You may have goals that include not only feeling better, but having a trusting, caring experience in that process. The psychologist and professional counselors at Counseling Psychology Associates want you to know that your relationship with your therapist will place integrity, trust, confidence at the centerpiece. Typically, after an initial assessment, which usually takes about an hour, you will come in for 45 to 60 minute sessions at a time agreed upon by you and your therapist. Short-term goals and objectives are written out so that the focus can stay on what you want to accomplish in a time period that is agreeable and reasonable. Collaboration with your primary care doctor or specialist who sent you to us can take place when you allow it or want it to happen. It is important to know that no information leaves the security of our office without your written permission and consent. Sessions can be as short as one session or as many as several sessions over the course of time required to help you feel better. Sometimes, your insurance company will limit the number of sessions they allow, so it is a good idea to work with your therapist from the get-go to have an idea about limitations and goals. Sometimes, counseling can follow a winding road to feel better than can have its ups and downs, but usually in the long run helps you feel better. And, usually what you put into it will be what you get out of it. By the way, our clinicians have 24/7 on-call answering service so they can be contacted in case of extreme emergencies after normal business hours.

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